Our History

All of us at Irene Apartments & Studios are proud to be a family business, with several years of history in hospitality. We have built and improved our facilities over the years in every way possible, in order to better provide for the needs of our visitors. Mister Elias began the construction of the apartment complex at 1985. Two years later, the first 18 rooms were completed and Irene Studios welcomed its first guests.

Looking for ways to make each visitor's stay even more ejoyable, we decided to add two swimming pools, a full size one, and a children suitable smaller one. To complete the pool area, the addition of a snack bar was decided. The pools and the bar were completed at 1994.

Pool Snack Bar Pool and snack bar at 1994.

Demand was outgrowing the available rooms, so at 1997 Elias decided that it's time for the next step: increasing capacity. A second floor was built which added 7 more apartments. Since then, every year when the summer season ends, Elias, Nick and Jack keep improving the facilities, by listening to what our guests had to suggest. TVs and air conditioning were installed, the pool bar was improved with more services and events, free Wi-Fi was introduced in the pool and reception area, plus numerous more small or big improvements.

Though over 30 years of experience, we have accumulated an understanding of what an honest and personal service should offer. We strive to keep our facilities at the same high level of our customer service.

The apartments before the second floor was built The apartments at 1995, before the second floor was built